9-10th September, 2022


University of Northampton (Waterside Campus)


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3 Keynote Speakers

Trans- States: The Art of Deception About our most recent conference theme

trans- prefix meaning: across, beyond, through, on the other side of, to go beyond

state: a ​condition or way of being that ​exists at a ​particular ​time

An unabashed play on words, a ‘trans- state’ is, among other things, a coincidentia oppositorum. An alchemical wedding that defines the fixed place, where boundaries are actively transgressed. 

Trans- States conferences are each themed upon a Major Arcana Tarot card. The first was The Hanged Man and focused on boundary-crossing, liminality, and the queering of normativity. The second was The Tower, which broadened its scope to include the shock and awe of revelatory and paradigm-shifting occultural experiences, the impact and implications of anti-structure, of alterations in consciousness, and of the revolutionary aspects of paranormality.

The theme of this conference is The Magician card. The contemporary Tarot Magus is an adept of the mystical arts, but the forebearers of this image are even more firmly rooted in the mercurial archetype of the Trickster. Master of stage(d) magic, sleight of hand, spectacle, and misdirection; everything they do is for show—the Magician is nothing without their spellbound audience. Juggler, gamester, huckster, provocateur, and virtuoso performer, The Magician occupies the streets and avenues, the highways and byways, the thoroughfares and village squares. Places of commerce and community, of trade and treachery, of discovery and deception. Quick-witted, unfathomably dexterous and expertly skilled, The Magician appears to perform the impossible and produce the hitherto unimaginable: making space for the virtual to emerge within the bustling midst of the everyday. 

The Art of Deception is the art of technē. It is the art, skill, craft, and means by which practice brings about accomplishments that are quite simply—beyond belief. 

This transdisciplinary conference and art exhibition will explore the complex interrelationships between contemporary occulture, deception, persuasion, trickery, manipulation, communication, mastery, craftiness, sleight of hand, commerce, technē, technology, and techgnosis.

To find out more about the Trans- States organisation, visit our ‘About’ page.

The Magician

Trans- States

Keynote Speakers Brief Biog

Erik Davis, PhD

Independent scholar and author

Underground icon, independent scholar, author, award-winning journalist, sometimes podcaster, and popular speaker. (more…)

Christine Ferguson, PhD

Professor in English Studies

 Professor in English Studies in the Division of Literature and Languages at the University of Stirling. (more…)

Lionel Snell aka Ramsey Dukes

Contemporary magician and author

Contemporary English magician, publisher and author on magic and philosophy, who publishes under many aliases, including, most famously, Ramsey Dukes.

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Trans- States Media Documenting our convocations

The Trans- States Media team has documented the vast majority of our presentations from our conferences.  Playlists containing all of our presentation recordings so far can be found below. For other media, such as photographs taken by our team, navigate the ‘Media’ section of the main site navigation. Huge thanks to all of our Trans- States Media team for all their hard work in capturing our very special events!

Trans- States Media also recently produced a short film collaboration with performance artist Stefanie Elrick, of her 2016 “ReInState: A mirror ritual”. To watch the film visit

Trans- States: The Art of Revelation (2019) Presentation Recordings

Trans- States: The Art of Crossing Over (2016) Presentation Recordings

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Creative Hub
The University of Northampton
Waterside Campus
University Drive

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For ecological reasons no plastic water bottles will be provided at the conference. We suggest you bring your own refillable water bottle; there are water fountains available in the Creative Hub for this


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Sunley Hotel - Our on-campus hotel at Waterside.

Sunley are offering a special conference rate. Contact them via email on irfan.haidar[at]chandcogroup[dot]com and use the offer code: 'TRANS STATES' to get the reduced rate.

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Local Premier Inn - Located just a five minute walk from Waterside Campus.

Hotel Ibis Northampton - Located in Northampton town centre next to the train station, and approximately a 15-minute walk to Waterside campus.

Free parking is available at the University's Park and Ride facility (see the above travel link). Registrants can take the bus to Waterside for the reduced rate of £1.20. It is about a 15min journey. 

There is also a limited number of car parking available on Waterside campus charged at £3/day but vehicles will need to be pre-registered. 

If you are intending to park at Waterside please email us and this can be arranged (subject to availability). 

The Creative Hub is equipped with male, female, disabled and all gender toilets. The building has both stairs and lifts, and is fully wheelchair accessible.

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