13-14 September, 2019


University of Northampton (Waterside Campus)




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Trans- States: The art of revelation About the conference theme

trans- prefix meaning: across, beyond, through, on the other side of, to go beyond

state: a ​condition or way of being that ​exists at a ​particular ​time

An unabashed play on words, a ‘trans- state’ is, among other things, a coincidentia oppositorum. An alchemical wedding that defines the fixed place, where boundaries are actively transgressed. In many ways, this point of intersection—this crossroads—is where the role of the magician, mystic and artist collide. Where each can play a role in revealing the neoteric and the numinous, while making ruinous the antiquated and the corrupt. Revelation and revolution are often intimately linked; the sudden and violent unveiling of the truly novel, utterly alien, and ineffably Other, brings with it the upheaval of our very foundations—that of the individual, and of the societies we build. The art of revelation, is the art of cataclysm and catharsis.

The first Trans- States conference, The Art of Crossing Over, themed itself upon the Major Arcana card, The Hanged Man, and focused solely on boundary crossing, liminality and the queering of normativity. This upcoming Trans- States conference, The Art of Revelation, themes itself upon The Tower. As such, it seeks to broaden its scope to include the shock and awe of revelatory and paradigm-shifting occultural experiences; the impact and implications of anti-structure, of alterations in consciousness and of the revolutionary aspects of paranormality.

This is a transdisciplinary conference that will explore the complex interrelationships between contemporary occulture, revelation, non-ordinary states of consciousness, power, structure, textuality and deconstruction.

The Hanged Man

Trans- States

Keynote Speakers Brief Biog

Wouter Hanegraaff, PhD

Professor of History of Hermetic Philosophy

Hanegraaff is Professor of History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Jeffrey Kripal, PhD

Professor of Philosophy and Religious Thought

Professor Kripal holds the J. Newton Rayzor Chair in Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University, Houston, Texas.

Daisy Campbell

Writer, actor and director

Campbell recently adapted Robert Anton Wilson’s cult autobiographical book Cosmic Trigger for the stage.

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Trans- States Media Documenting our convocations

The Trans- States Media team has documented the vast majority of our presentations from the 2016 conference. They are available to view on the respective speakers info pages. There are also a number of excellent photographs and a promotional video from the conference available. Navigate the ‘Media’ section of the main site navigation to access all of the media now published. Huge thanks to all of our Trans- States Media team for all their hard work in documenting this very special event!

Trans- States Media also recently produced a short film collaboration with performance artist Stefanie Elrick, of her 2016 “ReInState: A mirror ritual”. To watch the film visit

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New short film, “ReInState: A mirror ritual”

Ready to be released on the solstice full moon, here is a short film Trans- States Media produced of “ReInState: A Mirror Ritual,” performed by Stefanie Elrick at “Trans-states: The art of crossing over,” in 2016. Camera: Ceri GreenwellPostproduction: Cavan McLaughlinAdditional sound design by Thom

Trans- States: The art of revelation – Call For Proposals

Trans- States: The art of revelation University of Northampton, 13 & 14th September, 2019 Keep up to date with the conference via our FB page and twitter account.   trans- prefix meaning: across, beyond, through, on the other side

Trans- States 2

This past weekend marks the two-year anniversary of the Trans- States conference—yes, already! Such an event naturally causes one to both reflect, and take stock of their current situation. The conference was, by all accounts, a roaring success. During the celebrations, directly

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